Otonari Voice Chat – Chapter 20 – English Translation Release

Ritsuki 麗月 here. Thanks to the very kind NaxoBro, we got better translations in the first place, without a revision! (hopefully there won’t be any, haha)

As always, thank you for the support and encouragements!

Unfortunately, the great people still fixing MangaDex, so I will be posting the whole chapter images here, below (though it seemed to be compressed quite heavily by the tools used by WordPress… imagemagick/GD?).
Please notify me if you have any trouble seeing them. (faster response via email or twitter.)
Of course, the download link will be at the bottom. Please enjoy Chapter 20!

Sorry for the disruption below (1 page only).

You can download this chapter using this link (no password):  https://waa.ai/ejVM/65744f

That waa.ai link will include all the previous chapters too.

Thank you so, so much!! ✨✨ (*´ω`*)

—Ritsuki 麗月

4 thoughts on “Otonari Voice Chat – Chapter 20 – English Translation Release

  1. This is my first time for visit to your website, and so yes, thank you very much for your great works.
    PS : Can’t wait to see a Ookami-san’s face 🙂

    1. Thank you for enjoying the translations! I put everything here because MangaDex is currently still down. (even now)
      Maybe I should just put everything including the past chapters to read here too, instead of just downloading only.
      I just don’t have enough web space to host the images haha.

      PS: Don’t worry, I’ll translate the rest of the chapters… only 7 untranslated chapters left!

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