I don’t know what to write, but I guess…


I am Ritsuki (麗月)!

I can translate Japanese text to English! I also can do basic manga translation work, like cleaning, redrawing, translating, and typesetting. Though I can’t do QC or proofreading by myself.

I hate IRL and love 2Ds characters!! I have a waifu (ボタン) and a husbando (パンテオン) from the mobile game Destiny Child!! I love their beautiful voices!!! (Also her sassiness with her fantastic outfit+Deviloid camera and his slim body and long legs…UGHHHHH I can’t get tell you how much I like them!!!)

WHAT? Why I have a husbando too, you say? Because I like the character that’s why!!!! I don’t know whether I’m straight, bisexual, gay, pansexual or anything, but I’m a queer for sure!!!!!!! I am not sure if I’m virgin or not. Does being horribly sexually abused in childhood counts?

Sorry. I’m ashamed of myself. I’m just lonely and feel jealous of lovey-dovey people…I started to pour that loving energy to game characters… What can I do, those characters are so charismatic and very likable like no one in IRL will ever be XDDDD Or will you prove me wrong? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

This is so stupid. What am I doing??? I should introduce myself, not embarrass myself. ;p

But you get it….right? :p

Anyway, I also actively follow Hololive and Holostars (Vtubers group), especially Tokoyami Towa and Astel Leda. They are the cutest and funniest guys ever!!

This is enough for filling about page I guess. Thanks and goodbye~ :pppp