Otonari Voice Chat – Chapter 19 – English Translation Release

Ritsuki 麗月 here. Thanks to the very kind NaxoBro, we got better translations in the first place, without a revision! (hopefully there won’t be any, haha)

As always, thank you for the support and encouragements!

This chapter is kinda funny, I just love how the kids looks like when they saw Tajikara-san rolling that huge ass snowball. In the end he gave it away and make another (or even more for the other kids? it was not told clearly).

Please enjoy Chapter 19!

You can read it online here: https://mangadex.org/chapter/1217989/1 

You can download this chapter using this link (no password):  https://waa.ai/ejVM/65744f

That waa.ai link will include all the previous chapters too.

Thank you so, so much!! ✨✨ (*´ω`*)

—Ritsuki 麗月

2 thoughts on “Otonari Voice Chat – Chapter 19 – English Translation Release

  1. Snow😞, I’m jealous it is really hot in India🥵.
    Anyways thanx 4 update.
    (Btw, backspace key is fixed).

    1. Well, the grass always looks greener on the other side… haha…
      For it to be snowing, usually the ambient temperature needs to be below zero, I think…
      For a person from tropical countries that aren’t used to cold temperatures, it will be so harsh and painful!
      Though as long as you’re prepared to wear thicker clothes (compared to locals), it will be okay.
      I hope one day you can go to a place with snow and enjoy them.

      By the way, Ch 20 is posted! (on this website, as MangaDex is currently down).
      Thank you for the patience! 😀


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