Otonari Voice Chat – Chapter 16 – English Translation Release

  Ritsuki 麗月 here!   Chapter 16 is finally done!

Thank you Raphael Rodrigues-san, Miguel Angel and LR7 Hern-san!!
Really, really thank you for your generous, generous support, as always

As you might have realised, yes, I was horribly sick. Not COVID or anything, it’s just my weak body and digestion problem. I couldn’t eat for around a week or so. Luckily I’ve gotten better. Sorry for the slow progress again. I’m ashamed.

Also, Windows 10 is being a huge jerk too, being very sluggish and heavy. So I installed Manjaro Linux, then put Krita inside of it. Krita can be used for all scanlation work, including redrawing (utilising G’mic plugin), and typesetting. Chapter 16 was redrawn on photoshop, but the rest is using Krita. My usual font didn’t work well in Linux, so I replaced them.

You can enjoy Chapter 16 now.

You can read it online here: https://mangadex.org/chapter/1042027/1

You can download this chapter using this link (no password):  https://waa.ai/ejVM/65744f

Do note that the link contains all of the releases for this manga I’ve made, so you can just bookmark it or something….   Thank you~ m(_ _;)m

—Ritsuki 麗月

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