A Little Announcement…or is it?

Ritsuki here.

It’s been quite a while since I successfully uploaded Ch. 21.
MangaDex is still not open for public yet, unfortunately. And… also, I have something to tell you about all of the current happenings in my life and what will happen next.

Well, to be honest I got a little lucky, and got admitted into a paid “training program”, basically it’s a job, I start as a trainee, if I can do well enough and my results so far are satisfactory, then I will be offered a long-time contract. So, because of this, I can not guarantee to be able to consistently do the releases of Ch. 22 until the end.

Even though I will still try my best to scanlate the rest of the chapters if somehow I can get some free time,…but dang, 40 hours a week job is… actually pretty tiring isn’t it? I’ve been doing this for around a week, and last weekend I needed to do around 10 hours overtime because the total workload was a little much higher than expected. I was forced to cancel hanging out with my friends (;´Д`)

I hope the workload will eventually stabilise, and I can get weekends rest to do the next chapters.

I am really sorry for the inconveniences.

The training and probation period will be at most a month, and I will focus on that for now. If everything goes very well, I might get contracted for a long-term job, the same 40 hours a week. If the job I did went horribly bad and I didn’t get contracted,…well, I’ll let you know either way.

I will still try to translate the rest of the chapters, don’t worry! Though the priority would still be at my current job, I hope you can understand.

Thank you for the understanding.


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