Regarding Tensei Kusushi wa Isekai wo Meguru.

So, I will not be handling/translating the series alone, I will be helping Musketeer Scans translating them (along with Korsai and Acheron234).

I will be working with them as cleaner, redrawer, and translator. (and some QC checking to make sure that everything is going well.) Because it’s not my personal project anymore, I will not put any donation links and other stuff there.

You can check Chapter 2 here at Musketeer Scans’ group page.

However, please do not worry. I will be still translating Otonari Voice Chat personally, and I will try not to disrupt its release pace. Actually, by not working alone for Tensei Kusushi will allow me to have more time to work on other things.

Thank you for understanding.


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