Tensei Kusushi wa Isekai wo Meguru – Chapter 01 – English Translation Release

Hello, Ritsuki麗月 here!
Thanks to Robin Miguel, Raphael Rodrigues, and LR7 Hern for the generous support on Patreon!
I just want to try translating this free-to-read manga (at Alphapolis website), just because I wanted to experiment with different work flow for manga translation I’m doing!
This time it’s way faster to do because I directly translates the texts inside the manga pages, in photoshop. I didn’t translate the text separately on word processor first, so it really boost my translating speed. I done 40pages in around four hours to six hours, I don’t remember when I started trasnlating, but, yeah.

Edit: Updated version 2, MangaDex version is overwritten! An awesome help by a kind, super proofreader Korsai (over at MangaDex!). Thank you very much for your help, Korsai! 😀

You can read the translations here at MangaDex.org!

For downloads, you can access it from here: https://waa.ai/eV1P/78d5e1

Thank you very much!


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