Otonari Voice Chat – Ch.4 – English Translation Release

Hello again! Ritsuki 麗月 here!

This time I worked this chapter bit by bit, these few weeks, here it is! I am really for the late progress. I’m trying to do the fastest I could, but with all these stuff everywhere…. I’m so mentally tired.

But that doesn’t really matter. I finished translating chapter 4 is what matters for today!

I uploaded it to MangaDex, so if you can’t download you can always read it online here !

If there’s any problem with the link— or the translations, please do inform me 😀

The download link is below ⬇

You can download this chapter using this link (no password): https://waa.ai/ejVM/65744f
Do note that the link contains all of the releases for this manga I’ve made, so you can just bookmark it or something…. ahaha (*´ω`*)

Thank you~

—Ritsuki 麗月

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