Otonari Voice Chat – Ch.1 – English Translation Release

Hello! Ritsuki 麗月 here!
This is my first time scanlating stuff, so please if you found any mistakes, do inform me about it! (translating I’ve done it before, but editing manga–my first time!)
Summary that I can conclude from Ch1:
The story is about a guy who has just entered the university, but got an accident that causes him to be hospitalised for quite some time. That made him unable to find any friend, because those people have already created their own little groups! He was almost fated to be lonely, but luckily he met someone he really likes through his apartment wall.
It’s going to keep getting more and more interesting!

If there’s any problem with the link, please do inform me 😀
Link is below

You can download this chapter using this link (no password): https://waa.ai/ejVM/65744f


5 thoughts on “Otonari Voice Chat – Ch.1 – English Translation Release

  1. Hi there Ritsuki! ^^
    Hope you are safe and sound. Just wanted to appreciate you scanlating this manga for us. We will forever be grateful. Thank you very much!

    Looking forward to more releases ^^

    1. Aaaaw (*´ω`*)
      Thank you very much! I am totally safe and sound. I'm just busy doing other stuff, but I can say that the next chapter will be coming this week. I just don't have the time to work non stop on the chapter, however I did manage to make some progress on Ch4. Cleaning and translating done, just need typesetting and editing.

      Again, thank you! I hope you enjoyed the translations. Please though, if you find anything wrong or incorrect, do notify me (*^▽^*)


    2. I'm not very well versed with Japanese but I did once go through the raws a long time back. Your translation seems on point don't worry ^^. It's totally fine, take your time and don't rush yourself.
      All the best!

    3. Thank you very much! I really appreciate it (*´ω`*)
      All the best for you too! :DD

      (I tried to post reply but had to re-write this because I accidentally clicked on the 'sign out' button that I thought was a 'post reply' button because it was blue… Ahahaha! XD my eyes are bad but the glasses I had is old and doesn't make much difference so I never wore it. Sorry for this stupid mess of a reply XD ahahaha! )

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