Otonari Voice Chat – Chapter 18 – English Translation Release

Ritsuki 麗月 here. I think few days isn’t that slow? I mean, I hope it’s not too slow.

As always, thank you for the support and encouragements!

Last week Mr/Ms Alexander helped me by supporting me. Thank you!
Also, NaxoBro kept giving me directions, and corrections, I am very thankful of that. He’s a godsend, I am sure.

This chapter has a lot, like, LOTS of SFX and Japanese cultural references. So in the end it took me 1-2 days to clean and redraw, and another 1-2 days for the translation and typesetting. I hope it is good enough quality. I did check them a few times before posting.

Please enjoy Chapter 18.

You can read it online here: https://mangadex.org/chapter/1210408

You can download this chapter using this link (no password):  https://waa.ai/ejVM/65744f

That waa.ai link will include all the previous chapters too.

Thank you, always. (*´ω`*)

—Ritsuki 麗月

2 thoughts on “Otonari Voice Chat – Chapter 18 – English Translation Release

    1. Se… sensei? Huh?
      Anyway. I’ll try to translate as fast as I can… which will be around one chapter every week.
      So please stay with me!! 🙂

      Also, I hope you can fix your broken backspace key… 😉

      Best wishes,

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